“breaking away from the box”


This colorful unique structure is a house that sits in Hyde Park in Cincinnati. Inspiration leaks out through its windows so I can only imagine what creative flow goes on inside. If only the cute older woman inside would pop her head out of the irregular shaped door and invite me inside for tea. Whoever designed this house, never let their dreams die. They obviously didn’t confine their ideas to what society approves of for the standard of living.

20120327-234208.jpg-photos captured through my iPhone.

8 thoughts on ““breaking away from the box”

  1. love these new and intriguing designs of the buildings. it is putting the idea that the inspiration and the attention to detail is now on the exterior as well rather than just the interior.
    keep smiling 🙂

      • Snacks and exploring… go together very well. I think my father went to Ohio University and have a cousin teaching at the University of Cincinnati. As far as ties to Ohio. I have not personally been there since I was a kid. I’m hoping to see a lot of new places in the coming months so maybe those ought to be on the list. Pacific NW towns for now. I have been meaning to get out to Portland, Vancouver, etc. though I’m in Seattle currently.

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