Tea before the evening ends


Relaxing the night away with Yogi hot tea. It doesn’t hurt that it has a fortune on the tag which reads, “the art of happiness is to serve all.”



“Sunday morning, rain is falling”


It’s a cold day in nyc today.

Plus, rain is falling.

I didn’t pack for all possible seasons,

so I’ve layered on thick cotton black tights underneath my chiffon floor length skirt.

Still freezing, I’ve taken cover at a French pastry shop nearby called, “financier patisserie.” I plan on staying here a while.. People watching.. Drinking a cappuccino… Staying warm.


20120422-104246.jpg-photos captured with my iPhone.

“on the corner of Leonard”


If your out and about on a beautiful day in NYC, the Square Diner is where its at.

It offers a narrow row of outside tables that share the sidewalk with ongoing pedestrians. Brunch and lunch is served all day. I had the homemade French onion soup and it was delicious. The best part of it, my bill was 4.25.


20120421-141851.jpg-photos captured with my iPhone