Genoveva Christoff.

Genoveva ChristoffCheck out my style blog to read about Genoveva Christoff and see how the Macedonian designer is making her way into the high fashion world.

Travel Colorfully


“a moment of reflection”

Just another beautiful day in the windy city.

all is full of sunshine and clear skies.

A Random side note,

my bracelet belonged to my great grandmother. When she was younger, she spent a lot of time at the horse tacks. It was there that an older man carved two of these bracelets from wood for her. The entire piece is handmade. Now they’re my favorite little treasures.

“sunshine on the ground”

I’m always searching for new places to find beauty.

Which has left me to forget about what has continually resided in front of me.

These photos Were captured in my hometown on a road that I have traveled up and down my whole life,

yet I never thoughtfully admired it.

It’s as if it was hiding in suspense,

And then all of a sudden, jumped out at me.

It’s abundant green space is full of blooming flowers and country land.

Local tradition still holds at the root.

the land is beautiful.


“There are painters who transform the sun to a
yellow spot, but there are others who with the help of their art and their intelligence, transfer a yellow spot into the sun.” -P. Picasso